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Step 1, Evaluating the Situation: There are many factors that need to be considered before a real estate agent jumps into listing a home. An important first step is gaining an understanding of the home seller's real estate goals. In many cases sales price and how much the seller will net in the sale is the most important factor to a seller. In other cases timing is of utmost importance. Only after we find out a seller's true objectives can we provide a seller with the real estate guidance they deserve. 

Step 2, Costs of Selling: Calculating the costs of selling is a critical component in selling a home. When selling your home we'll estimate the costs associated with selling your home, which will then show you how much you can expect to receive in proceeds from the sale. Typical selling costs include the real estate commission, property taxes due, closing fees and the outstanding mortgage balance on your home loan, if applicable. If a seller is upside down and facing a short fall, this estimate will prepare the seller for how much they'd need to bring to closing, if they're to avoid a short sale situation.

Step 3, Pricing Your Home: A very critical component when putting a home on the market is arriving at an appropriate list price. Pricing your home too low could mean you're leaving unnecessary money on the table. Pricing your home too high almost always leads to a smaller pool of potential buyers, which can cause a seller's home to languish on the market. The location of your home and the condition of your home are two additional factors that must be evaluated in arriving at an appropriate list price. We go to work to help sellers price their home appropriately given the recent sales activity, current competition and current market conditions.  

Step 4, Condition of Your Home: The condition of your home will definitely impact how quickly you receive an offer on your home and at what price the home will sell. Getting buyers excited about your home is vital and the old saying about how you never get a second chance at a first impression is truer than ever when selling a home. We'll help you make a list of repairs that most buyers will be expecting and we provide our home sellers with tips for improving the curb appeal of their home because getting a buyer excited when they pull up to your home is a top priority.  

Step 5, Staging Your Home: Staging a home doesn't have to be costly and in most cases we are able to provide tips that help sellers improve the showing condition of their home. If needed, we can help you with placement of furniture in each room and help you decide if removing bulky room items is advantageous. There are often unneeded items that can be put in storage and we will give you tips on how to improve your closets, pantry and storage to show off what your home really has to offer home buyers. There are some selling situations that do call for a professional stager and if you need such help, we can quickly get a home stager lined up to meet with you.

Step 6, Marketing Your Home: You need more than just a sign stuck in your yard if you're to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. 90% of home buyers today are going online to locate their new home, so you'll want to be sure you have agent who knows where to market your home and how to make your home show GREAT once buyers view it online. You will also want to consider that 85% of area home sales involve a buyer who has a buyer's agent representing them, so your real estate agent should be marketing to buyer's agents in ways other than simply relying on our local MLS. We provide our home sellers maximum exposure in today's real estate market.

Step 7, Representation During the Process: When we list your home, we do more than just marketing your home to locate home buyers. We're here to represent your best interests all the way through the real estate process. We'll help you evaluate the offers we receive, we'll help you negotiate the best possible price and terms, we'll help you navigate the often complicate home buyer's inspection process. We'll be looking out for you and offer our expertise at every turn to help make the real estate transaction as smooth as possible for you.

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