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Step 1, Decision to Buy: The decision to purchase a home is a huge financial decision and it can also be a huge emotional decision for many home buyers. There are many reasons that buyers choose to purchase a home and one of the common reasons is the pride of homeownership. Knowing that you own and control your property is a tremendous benefit to owning a home. Also knowing you have the potential to build up equity in your home, potentially earn great appreciation on your home are also key factors in many home purchased. As your buyer's agent, we'll listen to your needs and go to work to help you locate the best homes in the area within your price range.

Step 2, Choosing Your Agent: All real estate professionals are not alike, so you'll want to choose a Realtor that takes the time to understand your needs and whom you will be comfortable working with in the coming weeks and months. You're going to spend a significant amount of time with your buyer's agent and you'll need an agent there to help you make the process a smooth one. In fact, your agent will help you minimize the time it takes to find your new home by using detailed search parameters to rule out the homes that don't fit your needs and help you understand the pitfalls that some homes may present. Your agent will take the time to help you understand the current market conditions and we'll also help you understand and coordinate the home inspection process and discuss all the hurdles we'll face from starting the search and all the way through the closing. 

Step 3, Getting Pre-Approved For A Home Loan: The first step in every home search is getting Pre-Approved to buy a home. There's no reason to start a home search without having a pre-approval letter in hand and getting this done will let you know how much your monthly mortgage payments would be and thus how much home you can afford. It will help us avoid looking at homes that aren't in your price range and often times lets us look at better homes that a buyer didn't actually think they could afford. Getting pre-approved involves the lender pulling the buyer's credit report, discussing the borrower's employment history and comparing the buyer's income level to their current debt. From there a lender will issue a pre-approval letter that will get submitted along with any offer to purchase that you make.

Step 4, Locating Your New Home: Once you've got your Pre-Approval Letter in hand, we'll be ready to put together a list of homes to view. Some home buyers already have a list of homes they want to see, while others need our assistance in locating the best homes in their price range. We can help you evaluate a particular home's proximity to amenities, size of the home, location of the home, condition of the home, area appreciation rates, access to highways and any other factors that are important to you. We'll then go to work scheduling showings in an organized fashion and in a way that makes the best use of everyone's time. In the event we don't hit a home run on the first trip out, we take everything we learned to make the next trip out all the more productive.  

Step 5, Making an Offer: Once the right home is located, we'll sit down with you and go over the area market stats and prevalent market conditions. We'll look at recent comparable sales as well as the current competition of homes on the market. We'll consider the size and condition of the home and discuss how long the property has been on the market, as this knowledge may help a home buyer's negotiating power. We'll discuss any adverse conditions that we're aware of with the home and attempt to assess how the home inspection process may play out between you and the seller. At every turn, we'll be looking out for your best interests as we work to put you at an advantage in the home buying process.

Step 6, Home Inspections: After going under contract, home buyers are typicall allowed 10 days to conduct inspections and further evaluate the property. At this time a buyer can Cancel the contract, accept the home As-Is or ask a seller to make specified repair prior to closing. We'll help you with scheduling inspections and evaluating your home inspection report. If there are items that will require the seller's attention, we'll help orchestrate the resulting inspection negotiations as we work to get the seller on board with making repairs that are necessary to keep the deal moving forward to closing. The inspection negotiations can be a trying process at times, so having a knowledgeable agent on your side can be vital to your success.

Step 7, Closing Preparations: Once passed the inspection process, there's a lot more work to do. You will need to get your lender all necessary documents to ensure your lender has your loan ready to go by the close date. An appraisal will also need ordered with acceptable findings returned to your lender in time for the loan to be ready to close. You will need to get homeowner's insurance set up, schedule utilities to be turned on and schedule a closing time on your close date. A good agent attends all buyer closings and we'll attend your closing just in case any last minute problems should arise. It's a lot to consider but you can count on us being there every step of the way to help make it smooth process from contract all the way through the closing.

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